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  1. Megger MTB7671

    Megger Megger MTB7671

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    Test Box ... Learn More
  2. CS 2090 EUROPROVE

    Metrel CS 2090 EUROPROVE

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    Working on live circuits can be a dangerous activity and the ability to prove a circuit is dead can be a powerful tool when trying to reduce the amount of accidents related to working on electrical systems. ... Learn More
  3. MPU690

    Megger MPU690


    Good practice requires that two pole voltage detectors are proved to be functioning correctly on a known voltage source, both before and after they have used to verify that a circuit is not live. The Megger MPU690 proving unit provides a portable batte... Learn More
  4. MTB7671/2

    Megger MTB7671/2

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    The Megger MTB7671 instrument test box is produced by Britain’s premier test instrument manufacturer. For that reason it tests your testers to the requirements of British Standards. Nobody understands the requirements and intentions of the Standards ... Learn More
  5. CheckBox 17 Plus

    Seaward CheckBox 17 Plus


    The CheckBox 17 Plus is a convenient installation instrument check point. It is a versatile compact instrument which is designed to provide a convenient checkbox for installation test instruments including Earth Loop Testers, Insulation Continuit... Learn More

  6. PowerCheck 1557

    Seaward PowerCheck 1557

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    The PowerCheck 1557 is a comprehensive PAT and installation verification checkbox. It carries out ongoing performance checks to ensure accurate measurement between calibration intervals. Fully tests Earth Continuity, Insulation Resistance, RCD Trip Tim... Learn More

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